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SWING ALONG WITH MEL is a one-woman audience interactive cabaret show written, produced and performed by Mad Mel. She sings and dances to the torch and swing songs which span from 1900 through 1960. She sings in English, Spanish, Italian, Russian, Yiddish, French and Portuguese. Her show includes medleys of patriotic songs from World War I & II and Broadway show tunes sung and acted out in comedic fashion. She performs original vaudeville skits as dual quirky characters that lead into some of her fabulous songs. She has created theme medleys, and even a monkey puppet duet. Known as Mad Mel she captivates the audience with her angelic yet powerful voice, graceful improvisational dance, uninhibited antics and refreshing humour.


Taking her show to various parts of the United States she performs for all ages and ethnic groups. She introduces the younger generation to these timeless classics through intergerational performances as well as to audiences of children and young adults in all age brackets. In the intergenerational shows she encourages discussions between children and their parents and grandparents to learn about human behavior and history from those who actually lived through it.

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She has thirty huge animal puppets which sing the songs. Her children's productions take place in libraries and schools and share bits of historical facts including events and inventions that changed the world during the eras of each song. Through the use of animal puppet skits and multicultural songs she encourages children to judge people from their behavior and not by their outward appearance. One example includes a skit between a wolf and a lamb where he wonders why he can't find love. As soon as he sees the little lamb he thinks "Yum, 'll have lamb chops for dinner tonight". But when she comes closer he sees what a beautiful spirit she is and falls in love with her. They ensue with a delightful duet version of "Peg Of My Heart". She excites children to discover and take pride in their own cultural heritage as well as discovering the joy of other cultures thus promoting international unity.

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Performing for maturians proves a healing, nostalgic journey and Mad Mel has been offered professional positions in senior facilities as music therapist. "It is so satisfying watching people I perform for come to life with happiness and memories they hold dear." As the maturians themselves has stated "We are the toughest audience to crack and Mel does a brilliant job through her choice of material and tremendous commitment to her performance of each song." It is not unusual for audience members to forget their age, discard their walkers and boogie to her rendition of these timeless classics.

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Mad Mel has had the distinct honour of performing for many of our treasured veterans who fought in World War I and II.   These include the Military Order of the Purple Hearts.   As well as the 517th Parachute Regimental Combat Team. She has also performed at many military retirement communities. These have included Vinson Hall for Retired Military Officers in Maryland.

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While sharing her enthusiasm for life and her love for these songs, Mel places particular emphasis on interacting with the audience, thus insuring a good time is had by all! The musical arrangements, which she has written herself, incorporate humour and evoke a wide range of emotional responses and her delivery provides each song with its own distinct personality. the result is a presentation of the lovely "old" standards in a fun, refreshing way. Her performance inspire people of all ages to dance and sing along. At a recent show a woman celebrating her 100th birthday eagerly danced to Mel's rendition of "Anniversity Waltz". Her belief that music is a great healer is shared by her audience through the love and happiness she projects on stage.

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She tailors her show to the establishment she is performing in keeping in mind age range, ethnic background and holiday or party themes. A sample of her songs include "Don't Sit Under The Apple Tree", Al Jolson's "My Mammy" (sung Mr. Frogger a giant puppet pal of Mad Mel's, "Orange Colored Sky", "Sorrento", "Besame Mucho", a rousing Russian song "Chto Mne Gore" which her grandmother showcased for the Ziegfeld Follies, more contemporary pieces such as "Stardust" and "All of Me", novelty numbers like "How Could You Believe Me When I Said I Love You When You Know I've Been A Liar All My Life" and "The Aba Daba Honeymoon" (which she sings with the help of Chimpy and Monk).

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Swing Along With Mel is adaptable to many different audiences: Adults, Children, Young Adults, Seniors, Intergenerational and Mentally Challenged Children and Adults. Venues have included Theatres, Festivals, Fairs, Farmers Markets, State Parks, Schools, Hospitals, Libraries, Private Clubs, Corporations, Birthday Parties, Community Centers and Senior Centers.

Growing up with a family of professional entertainers, Mel has been performing since she was five years old. She has written, directed and choreographed a variety of shows in New York City for herself and other entertainers. Her current production "Swing Along With Mel" is a truly SWINGSATIONAL Entertainment Event. "A Rare Treat - Not to be missed!"

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