Wow!!   What A Show!!   I am sure you felt the Excitement of our members and guests at your one-woman cabaret show yesterday at the Carmel Foundation. I noticed that many people came up to talk with you afterwards, which is a Good Indication of How Much They Enjoyed it. Your Warm and Exuberant Spirit, together with you Ability To Involve The Audience into the show, made for a Wonderful Afternoon.

The songs you chose brought back many memories of the "good old and not so old" days for our senior citizens. They were Delighted by your monkey hand-puppets and your Beautiful Voice. Thanks For Sharing Yourself With Us on a Wonderful Afternoon."

Mel Kline - Chairman, Program Committee
The Carmel Foundation - Carmel, California

"I want to thank you for your Outstanding Performance. You were a Knockout!

As you know, this was part of the Ventura Intergenerational Program that was created to bring seniors and kids together. Our seniors that day ranged in age from 55 to 95 so the songs you chose Touched Quite A Few Hearts and memories. people who don't usually participate were Singing Along With You and I noticed several Wiping Tears from their eyes.

Also in attendance was a fifth grade class that, according to their teacher, has the worst reputation in the school for unruly behavior. All I can say is that I have Never Seen Kids So Focused or Attentive at one time. Somehow you Managed to Keep Them In "The Palm Of Your Hand" the Entire Time which Amazed Everyone from that school. Your Unique cabaret act was So Successful that I am already planning to make you a regular in our VIP series.

Thank you, Thank you, Thank you!   All the best."

Nanci W. Cone - Director, Ventura Avenue Adult Center
City of San Buenaventura, Ventura, California


"Well, we are still Flying High from your performance. You certainly know how to Hold the Audience's Attention and get everyone involved. All those who attended thoroughly enjoyed your singing, dancing and humor. It was a Wonderful show, and we thank you for sharing your time and talent with us.

Your Energy and Dynamism brought an enlivened mood to the evening and made it a truly festive occasion. We appreciate your Giving Spirit, and especially your genuine concern for our residents and their interests. It is always heartening to see the residents actively engaged in programs, and I felt they fully participated in your show.

Your Approachability made it easy for them to feel comfortable and to really enjoy themselves. The songs you chose clearly reminded them of their youth and fond memories. Keeping those memories alive is of utmost importance for them, both mentally and emotionally, and you contributed in both ways with them. Again, thank you for providing such a Wonderful Evening - one I am sure They Will Be Talking About For A Long Time!"

Margaret Pully, Resident Services Director - St. Mary's Court
Washington, D.C.

"Bravo! Bravo! Bravo! Our Residents Enjoyed Every Minute of your performance! The biggest critics are usually my staff and they too were vey impressed with your work! The Spirit, the Energy, and the obvious Love of your work made your performance a Wonderful Hit with all involved. We Thank you and we will be in touch in the near future for another performance. Again, Thank You."

Diane Morgan, Director of Activities - Methodist Church
Bronx, New York

"Your performance was just Outstanding. We were really Carried Away with your Beautiful Voice."

Lucy Euginá, Vice President - Woman's Club of Temple City
Temple City, California

"Thank you for including us in your schedule of performances while in Washington. Your program was Delightful, "a Breath Of Fresh Air". The audience responded to your Spontaneity and Verve. Thank you again for coming to Vinson Hall. Good Luck. Best wishes. P.S. Keep up the good work of Bringing Cheer to senior citizens."

D. Tuthild, Chairman Entertainment Committee - Vinson Hall
Retired Military Officers - Maryland

"We cannot begin to express our Gratitude and Delight at your performance for our 13th annual Christmas Party. Each year our party has a general direction and is enjoyed by all. However, trying to maintain a momentum so that our people leave while everything is still "festive" has been a problem. Having eaten, visited and heard "Carols" the excitement is diminished and the departure becomes routine, even abrupt.

Thanks To You This Year Was Different. No One Really Wanted The Party To End and folks sat well beyond the amount of energy they had alloted themselves for the occation. Your choice of music is obviously perfect for the age groups we serve and while you do it with Energy and Spirit your talent is the true key to the show.

Once again we thank you so much and wish you the very best in your endeavors during the new year and always. With Warmest Wishes."

Evelyn Ashland and the Emmaus Staff - Emmaus
Washington, D.C.

"I have been Thrilled to have Mad Mel perform with my country dance troupe. Her performance and singing stylings evoked Overwhelming Excitement and Passionate audience responses. She performed with us at the Oregon State Fair, several state parks, dance halls, art festivals and county fairs. She sang the old country torch songs and also did some numbers with her animal puppets for the children.

She Commands the Complete Focus of children with her Energy, and Enthusiasm. Her Connection With The Audience Is Amazing. Her shows are Educational and Tremendously Fun. At one performance Children Lined up after the show Waiting For Mel's Autograph. In her intergenerational performances she Captivates and brings Joy and Excitement to both children, adults and seniors alike (who are thrilled to watch their kids enjoying the old songs). I was Honored to have her perform with us."

Angie Forman - Country Fun
Portland, Oregon

"Thank You So Much for adding So Much Fun and Cheerfulness to our residents day. Your Program Was Great! Your Warmth and Exuberance really appealed to everyone. More than once I heard discussions of "How Great You Were" and "I sure hope we have Mel back again". Looking Forward To Seeing You Again."

Helen Bell, Activity Coordinator - Hermitage in Northern Virginia
Alexandria, Virginia

"Mad Mel is an Energetic and Enthusiastic performer who Really Connected With The Audience. Her Energy and Voice certainly Filled our dining room, and it was very Apparent that she was a Classically Trained Vocalist. Because of Mel's Ability To Project, her performances are Ideal for a large space, and a large audience. She was Professional, Cooperative and Very Flexible with some changes in our schedule.

Evie Proctor, Nutrition Program Coordinator - Wilsonville Community Center
Wilsonville, Oregon

"What a Lovely Performance. Everyone Thoroughly Enjoyed Every Minute of it. Many of the most Exciting things were the Way You Handled The Audience by getting them to participate. You have a Beautiful Voice and everyone loved your puppet act. They really enjoyed passing them around and playing with them. We all wish you much success in the future. Keep in touch!"

Dee Calahan, Chairman Social Activities - Heritage Harbour Community Association Inc.
Annapolis, Maryland

"Not only is Mad Mel Gifted with a Beautiful Voice and Musical Ability, but her Personality is Warm and Pleasing. Any group will consider it their Lucky Day when she comes for a performance!"

Joan Groobert, Activity Director - B'nai B'rith Homecrest House
Silver Spring, Maryland

"Mel was a Delight and had the Audience Completely Involved. This elderly group, inclined to sit back during shows, were Clapping, Singing and Dancing. Mad Mel had an eighty-two year old with lupus was jitterbugging. For a Lively, Entertaining program - You Need Mad Mel!"

Mary M. Bell, Vice President - Arcadia Woman's Club
Arcadia, California

"Mad Mel performed for an Enthusiastic Audience of preschoolers at our library. A Versatile performer that sings in a variety of languages and styles, Mel also incorporates puppets in her show. The kids Learned about Different Cultures and about Healing the Earth. They Interacted with Mad and her puppets and a Fun time was had by all. Mel's child-friendly event had the kids Enthralled."

Jacqueline Rose, Youth Services Supervisor - Lake Oswego Library
Lake Oswego, OR

"Mad Mel's musical program included much Audience Participation which was Extremely Well Received and Enjoyed by Everyone. The audience included People Of All Ages. Mel is Enthusiastic, Charming and has a Wonderful Singing Voice. I highly recommend her if you are considering a performer who appeals to all ages."

David Pauli, Reference Librarian - Hillsboro Public Libraries
Hillsboro, OR

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