<i>olga photo</i> Hello, my name is Olga. Olga from Idaho.
And my passion is potatoes!
I left my hometown of Svendel, Sveeden
with nothing but a dream in my heart
and a potato in me pocket.
I now own the largest potato farm in all of Idaho.

As well as feeding thousands of hungry mouths
with my yummy potatoes.
I have created my own line of potato clothing and accessories.
My "Punky, Funky, Party, Potato Fashions"
are currently being sold and distributed around the world.

My dresses and shirts are made of 100% pure
potato skins dyed and pressed.
We also have a natural line consisting of
Young Potato Pink, Yam Yellow and Early Harvest Green.
My accessories include decorative potato pins
as well as fancy hair stylings - like my darling potato headbands
featuring a variety of potato flowers and leaves.
I am also creating a line of skin care products
such as my purifying potato mask
potato skin cream and moisturing lotion
and my complete catalogue of ageless potato makeup.

In Closing I Urge Everyone To
Follow Your Heart
Feel Your Joy
and Express Your Passion!

<i>olga photo</i>

I did and look what happened to me!!!

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